The commercial sector of Tournai is trying to organize such event for several years. As with any organization of an event it takes a lot of time and finding the right persons to present a perfect event.

We took our time, found the right partner in the person of Mr Liem through which we can present a high-quality event. A majority of the catering sector in Tournai, some 20 breweries located in Hainaut, a location close to the border, ... Tournai must be, as tourist capital of Wallonie Picardie, the founder of an event like this.

This is not a “beer party” but a beer festival where the beer brewers can exhibit their knowledge, respecting the history of brewing in the region surrounded by professionals.

Discover a number of beers and the various ways to brew beer. Get to know culinary delights based on beer made according to ancient recipes. Making use of various competitions, we would like to inform our customers about beer in a playful way.

In order to make the tasting more fun, a special glass has been made in the colors of the city of Tournai.

Finally, it is the intention of this beer festival being an annual event as soon as the spring has arrived.

The brewers succeed every time to make from their many ideas some foamy products.

Pierre-Jean Rooryck et Sylvie Leclercq: Conseillés développement local.

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