Belgium is recognized as the best country in the world in creativity and diversity of beer brands. Our country is indispensable for amateurs and lovers of the beer universe.
Belgium is also known for its cosines and parties about the heritage. Making good beer is fine, but you have to do it, know how to do it and pass it on.
Beer tasting events are organized throughout the year. These events are also the best places to meet professional brewers who show their passion and expertise.
It is in this spirit that the city of Tournai and XL communications, editor of the Belgian beers map, organize for the 4th year in a row the beer festival of Tournai in the prestigious area of the Hall aux Draps on the main square of Tournai.
Nearly 30 Belgian Brewers will be present to introduce their products. There will be more than a hundred beers to taste, with a few surprises, especially made for this 4th edition of the beer festival of Tournai.

La Halle aux Draps Tournai - 5ième Festival Brassicole 2020


The meaning of this event is to discover and taste the Belgian Beers but the actual goal is to give this event an international character.
In 2011 we were thrilled to welcome in 2 days almost 3000 tasters.
This event in the capital of Wallonie Picardie is without a doubt an event that goes far beyond the borders of Tournai and is very favorable for the economy, tourism and the media coverage of Tournai and the surrounding area.
In 2013 we had nearly 5,000 guests, including guests from France, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States of America ...
The organization offers a guarantee of success by advertising as much as possible. A big publicity campaign must attract people from Tournai but also professionals, enthusiasts, amateurs of Belgium and other countries.
Our experience allows us to focus on the many beer clubs in Belgium, France, England, Netherlands en Germany.
Our formula for success is also due to a quality organization with strict use of the rules to ensure the safety of our guests and in particular the alcohol consumption.

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